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Today, homoeopathy is one of the fastest growing systems of  medicine; more and more people are preferring Homoeopathy as first line of treatment for their day to day problems as Homoeopathic medicines are safe, free from side effects, and having the efficacy to cure Chronic as well as acute Ailments.


Dr. Siddharth Marothia inspired and nurtured by his father, Dr. R. K Marothia (Ex. Senior Medical Officer, D.I.S.M.&H., M. P. Govt.), graduated from the Barkatullah University Bhopal M.P., India. He is an alumnus of Bakson Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Greater Noida where he completed his Masters, MD (Homoepathy).




  • Dr Siddharth has worked with Birla Hospital Ujjain from 2006 to 2011 as an Homeopathic Consultant.
  • He is Honorary Consulting Homeopath at I.B.P.M.H of Aditya Birla Group, Birla Gram Nagda M.P.
  • Dr. Siddharth is in the Physicians Panel of State Bank of India Ujjain Division.

Our Mission

Dr. Siddharth aim is to heal his patients in the gentle and shortest possible time as in this modern age with the ever changing trends in lifestyles, time, is the only absolute and most precious commodity.
Once a patient is registered with the clinic, Dr. Siddharth becomes their family physician and whatever be the medical problem will be taken care of by him.

“If you are looking to Heal i.e. on mental, physical, and spiritual way, Homoeopathy should be your choice. Healing is an event that encircle body as a whole, i.e. your mind, body and soul.”

You are now part of a alluring process which aims at bringing about a much finer quality of life and health, as we Create Well-Being, Cure Follows…..


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