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Get quality treatment to many health issues with help of Homeopathy.

Create well being for Patients

We create well being for patients and as a result cure automatically follows.

About Dr. Marothia’s Homeopathy

Today, homoeopathy is one of the fastest growing systems of  medicine; more and more people are preferring Homoeopathy as first line of treatment for their day to day problems as Homeopathic medicines are safe, free from side effects, and having the efficacy to cure Chronic as well as acute Ailments.
Homeopathy is known to heal the disease from its root.
Dr. Siddharth’s aim is to heal his patients in the gentle and shortest possible time as in this modern age with the ever changing trends in lifestyles, time, is the only absolute and most precious commodity.
Once a patient is registered with the clinic, Dr. Siddharth becomes their family physician and whatever be the medical problem will be taken care of by him.
“If you are looking to Heal i.e. on mental, physical, and spiritual way, Homoeopathy should be your choice. Healing is an event that encircle body as a whole, i.e. your mind, body and soul.”
You are now part of a alluring process which aims at bringing about a much finer quality of life and health, as we Create Well-Being, Cure Follows…..
* The clinic is up to date with latest homeopathic data and homeopathic software.
* We follow Systematic Record keeping of more than thousand families from all over the India
* Treatment through GERMAN made medicines.
* Patient companionable and friendly environment.
* Trustworthy and perfect clinic for healing and well-being

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Customer Reviews

The remedies given by Dr. Marothia has not only stopped the debilitating attacks of headache but also given me a fresh lease of life. I appreciate you for your treatment that you are giving me. Sir there was migraine headache and now with your treatment it is more than 90% better for me. Thanks a lot sir!

Radhika Dubey

Migraine issue solved through Homeopathy


Ever since our family began visiting Dr. Siddharth Marothia clinic some 10 years ago, we have never ever seen an allopathic doctor. Dr. Marothia’s diagnosis of simple to complex diseases seem perfect. From cough, cold to spondylitis and thyroid problem and nearly many other small or complex ailments have been treated 100% and vanished with out a trace. Now we take medicines without the fear of reactions or side effects. Thanks to Dr. Marothia for being our family Doctor.

Manish Hatez

Using Homeopathy for all ailments

I was suffering from Arthritis in both knees. Dr. Marothia’s remedies have relieved me from severe pain in my both knees, heel pain and foot burning. Swelling has reduced as well. I am under treatment since 6 years and now rarely need medicines after exertion, my knee pain is almost cured. Thank you so much!

Urmila Pandey

Arthritis issue solved through Homeopathy


I am a patient of Ankylosing Spondylitis. I got treatment from Dr. Siddharth Marothia and got relief from the severe pain. He treats you considering all the health aspects not only current problems but full medical history also. There is no solution for this in Allopathy but Homeopathy treated me and I'm back on track. Thanks to Homeopathy and Dr Marothia.

Suyash Sharma

Ankylosing Spondylitis cured through Homeopathy

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